This truck was supposed to debut at Detroit World of Wheels 2016 but due to a snow storm that closed down half of northern Indiana and parts of Illinois we were unable to attend. We were however able to make it to the Chicago World Of Wheels 2016 for the debut of the truck.

World of Wheels Chicago 2016 Awards:

  • Best Display
  • Best Truck
  • First Place 
  • Top 20

Syracuse Nationals 2016 Awards:

  • Nomination for Designer Dozen
  • Street Rodder Top 10

Along with the street rodder top 10 from the Syracuse show; this puts us in the street rodder top 100 out of the nation!


See modification list at the bottom of page


Converted long bed to short bed

Took 9 inches out of the front of the bed and 14 inches out of the back

Added 7 inches to the bottom of the fenders

Body lines of the bottom of all fenders are hand made

Race inspired splitter for the roll pan

Flush mounted tail lights (which are also the parking lights and turn signals)

Brazilian Cherry wood for the bed of the truck

Bed rails flared out to cab in the front of the bed

Filler panel to fill gap between the bed and cab

Shortened the running boards 9 inches

Shaved door handles

Removed wing windows

Filled cowl vent

Removed all badges and ornaments

Body lined the center of the hood

Side-ways tilted hood

Removed the corners off the front of the hood

Hand made the whole front end

Used the grill off a 49 ford with an original re chromed hub cab for the center piece

Race inspired air damn

Jeep wrangler head lights

Front end welded to the cab just like a true custom

Engine- 383 450 horse

Overdrive trans

Narrowed WS6 Trans am rear end

Wilwood disk brakes

Chris Coddington HRBB (Hot Rods By Boyd) rims

Nitto tires

The whole bottom of the truck is hand fabbed and finished just like the rest of the truck

Paint- Custom mi by Matrix (which we can sell)

Blue tooth stereo system is all hidden

Interior was designed by Nichols Paint and Fab and made by Harold, Jeanne, and Mike from Vos Upholstery in Lansing, IL

Glass is custom cut and fitted by the wonderful Brian Harding of Glass Guy Chicago

1952 International